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Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Labels

Direct Thermal Label Printing

A direct thermal label is chemically treated and heat-sensitive so it blackens under the thermal printhead, to produce your printed label. Direct thermal label printers have no ink, toner, or ribbon. This makes thermal labels durable, easy to use and cost less to produce than inkjet, laser, impact, and thermal transfer printers. 

There are two types of Direct thermal labels:

  • Economy 
  • Top coat 

Economy thermal labels (standard, uncoated) will have limited resistance to moisture, grease or scuffing and may fade over time. Therefore they are used mainly in short term identification applications but will have an ample lifespan for many common barcode printing applications including:

  • Shipping labels / box labels
  • Patient / visitor identification
  • Ticket printing.
  • Product identification
  • Description labels

Topcoated direct thermal labels have a protective layer over the label, these are more durable and therefore resistant to range of environmental conditions including; UV light, chemicals, solvents and water. The top coating will also help prevent smearing.

  • Food Labels

Both types are available with standard permanent adhesive to give good adhesion to most standard surfaces including:

  • Plastic
  • Films
  • Metal
  • Cardboard 

We can supply direct thermal labels plain or printed in up to eight colours with removable; freezer and high tack adhesives, as well as tailored solutions with special face materials.

All prices include delivery, and can be wound on to 25.40mm; 38.1mm; 44.45mm or 76.2mm cores. Please advise your winding requirements when placing an order.

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