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Digital Printing

Digital Printing

In digital printing, artwork is sent directly to the press using preferred file formats such as Illustrator (.ai), PDFs or vectors (.eps). Digital printing involves fusing toner onto a wide variety of substrates. This process removes the use of printing plates (used in offset printing), saving time and money for shorter runs. With printing plates not being needed, digital printing has enabled faster turnaround times and greater flexibility for design. 

Accurate colour reproduction is an extremely valuable and important factor in print quality. Our new Xeikon 3030 has cloud-based colour management process and tools which have been specifically designed to achieve optimum colour reproduction. A true 1200 dpi resolution combined with four-bit variable-dot density not only offers smooth solids and blends, it also makes it possible to print crisp, sharp details, which is especially useful for printing minute detail such as micro-text, guilloches in security features, serifs, fine lines in certain fonts and hairlines. 


Xeikon 3030 digital press

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