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Re-Imagine Printing

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Introducing our brand new XEIKON 3030

High quality Digital Printing

In today's market, where labels demands are for both short and long runs, the capabilities of digital printing means we can offer a more affordable solution for shorter run lengths but with out losing the quality of print. 

 Digital printing has come of age and its ability to produce quality needs no further proof. Digital printing can meet the highest quality standards. But is that enough? When it comes to quality, Xeikon presses make no compromises and the Xeikon 3000 series is no exception.

So what does this mean for your labels?

Accurate Colour Reproduction

Accurate colour reproduction is an extremely important aspect of print quality. The new Xeikon has a cloud-based colour management process and tools which has been designed to achieve optimum colour reproduction.

Superior Resolution and Screening

True 1200 dpi Resolution combined with four-bit variable-dot density offers not only smooth solids and blends, it also makes it possible to print crisp, sharp details, which is especially useful for printing minute detail such as micro-text, guilloches in security features, serifs and fine lines in certain fonts, and hairlines.

Stable and Consistent Quality

The Xeikons presses and digital front-end have been equipped with features to ensure stability and consistency of quality and colour reproduction, such as an inline densitometer which automatically controls toner density and colour register, ensuring any necessary adjustments are made well before any visibility to the naked eye.

High Opaque White

To typically achieve the much sought after ‘no label look’ with transparent substrates a layer of white toner is applied. The more opaque this white layer is the better it masks the colour of the underlying surface. With Xeikon’s white toners you will achieve a density of 0.15 compared to a black reference density of 1.8; i.e. a better opacity than ‘flexo white’.

Outstanding Lightfastness

The toners used have been developed with the requirements of the label and packaging industry in mind. Not only do they offer superior image quality, they also score very well in terms of lightfastness. All process colours and standard spot colours exceed rating 6 on the Blue Wool Scale. Your prints will keep their vibrant shelf appeal, no matter how long they are on display or in use.


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